personal fitness trainer online course

Personal Fitness Trainer (Online)


Pay a deposit of R5,000.00 per item

Product Description

Personal Trainer (PT) is an exercise professional /fitness practitioner qualified to provide advice and a range of exercise training to apparently-healthy populations.

Professional scope of practice includes: pre-participation risk screening, assessment and sub-maximal fitness testing, evaluation of clients’ needs and goals, exercise programme design and instructing safe and effective exercise sessions.

Some of the professional services, among others, that the PT renders include:

  • Apply knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to exercise programmes and training sessions
  • Apply knowledge of physiology to exercise programmes and training sessions
  • Lead exercise session according to a designed plan
  • Provide safe and effective warm up and cool down
  • Regress and progress exercises and sessions
  • Design exercise programmes based on clients’ needs, abilities and goals
  • Plan exercise sessions based on clients’ abilities, needs and goals
  • Instruct exercise with the use of effective motivation and leadership skills
  • Lead and instruct exercise with the use of effective visual and verbal communication skills
  • Motivate clients through agreed exercise session/s
  • Conduct oneself in a confident and professional manner
  • Conduct client screening and assessment
  • Interpret a PAR-Q
  • Conduct health evaluation and postural assessment
  • Conduct sub maximal fitness testing
  • Identify clients who are outside scope of practice and refer appropriately
  • Work only with apparently-healthy clients, within scope of practice
  • Provide generic nutritional guidelines
  • Provide safe and effective exercises according to exercise modality
  • Ensure health & safety of the exercise environment
  • Manage self and clients in a fitness facility environment
  • Maintain own fitness environment and equipment according to safety requirements
  • Ensure injury prevention measures
  • Manage a fitness business in compliance with legislative requirements
  • Maintain confidentiality of clients’ records
  • Ensure systematic records management
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